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Sodomic Baptism - Black Fire Pandemonium

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Image of Sodomic Baptism  - Black Fire Pandemonium

Satanic death metal think in Incantation with diabolical and dark atmospheres a fucking new demon for the evil legion

Well played, ‚Satanic’ (whatever) death metal with a heavy influence from Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Polish death-metallers Vader,

Belarus Sodomic Baptism had the start somewhere, with their first full-length CD, „Black Fire Pandemonium” .Solid drumming – a few ear-catching blasts sections worthy of mention, as well as the standard-issue double-bass pounding that you’d expect. Interesting riffs that are pretty heavy for this style, and some very well done solos/leadwork that give the album a bit of a more polished and a bit tech.They deliver high quality guitar solos and catchy riffs that will delight any Death Metal Fan... ideal and work together toward the common goal.