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Bulletsize - Pansar

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All in all, Pansar is a pretty good album, even if the group does make their influences kind of obvious to pick up on at times. It’s clear that Bulletsize has taken advantage of the past ten years to really flesh out their sound and direction since that aforementioned name change, and you can feel not just a sense of genuine appreciation for the style they utilize, but also a great deal of professionalism behind the anger that comes off a good number of the performances captured in the studio. If you’re looking for something heavy and littered with awesome hooks, not to mention a number of reflective guitar solos that don’t take away from the overall impact, then this is a follow-up album worth checking out. Which version you decide depends on which medium you prefer your metal on, and if you care enough for that bonus track which, if you don’t already own the digital version of Pansar, is a pretty sweet bonus incentive to pick it up.